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Dropping Back In is a series of half-hour documentary-style programs that outline the huge personal and societal costs of dropping out. Each program is designed to stand alone, although together they provide a more comprehensive picture of the dropout issue, with some experts and learners showing up in more than one program. Each program features expanded profiles of two individuals or programs, with comments from experts, educators, and other former dropouts providing context and further insight.
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Eva Holt

Episode 1 – Second Chances

The first program in the series introduces the scope and huge personal and societal costs of adults not having a high school diploma or equivalency. National experts describe the economic strain on America, and educators and former dropouts provide additional context to two expanded stories of individual achievement:

Macie Johnson

Episode 2 – More Than a Statistic

The longer someone is out of school, the harder it is to go back. This program focuses on alternative schools and programs designed to reach young dropouts as soon as possible. The featured profiles are:

Tricia Amos

Episode 3 – Complicated Lives

The challenges faced by many dropouts go far beyond academics. Most dropouts are un- or under-employed and many live in poverty. One expert quips that being poor is time consuming—waiting for access to healthcare, transportation, food and welfare programs. Meeting the many needs of their complicated lives is a key to success for many adult education programs. The expanded segments in this program are:

Working for the Future

Episode 4 – Working for the Future

Helping America’s dropouts attain college and career readiness requires new thinking about high school equivalency and post-secondary education. As a result, community colleges and other institutions are changing. The expanded segments in this program are:

Building A Better Life

Episode 5 – Building a Better Life

This newest program in Dropping Back In looks at successful apprentice and training-based programs which prepare undereducated and unemployed people for available jobs by teaching marketable skills.
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