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The people and programs featured in Dropping Back In can create interest as well as inspire action in your community around the issue of helping adults without high school diplomas succeed in school and the workplace.

You can use this series to start a conversation about dropout prevention and re-engagement in your community with resources provided here. Or, contact KET directly for customized resources at or 800•354•9067.

We also would like to share your ideas here, so please let us know about community engagement activities going on in your area.

Community Engagement Media Kit

Download the media kit (zip file) for a press release you can customize with local dropout statistics (also provided), episode details, social media posts, photos and other images. Links to video series previews are below for both short and long versions.

Guide to Using the Videos

DBI Videoguide This guide to Using the Videos
identifies topics explored in the series, provides background information and lists of related video segments along with possible discussion starters. You can screen the full half-hour programs—each has a specific focus—or view shorter video segments, depending on your audience or type of event. Videos are accessible online at DVDs of the programs are also available. Contact us at for more information.Use this guide to facilitate panel discussions at screening events or to spark conversations in more informal “salon” gatherings, in person or online.

Social Media

Social Media IconDBI Social Media PDF


You have five choices for the front side of a postcard promoting the series (broadcast or screening events).

Screening Flyer

Use the empty space on the flyer to add details about premiere screening events you might want to host to coincide with the broadcast of the series. Consider collaborating with libraries and adult education centers. KET will provide extra copies of a DVD of the first program, "Second Chances," for you to send to partnering organizations. Make it fun and enclose a bag of microwave popcorn.

Video Previews

If your needs require a video shorter than a full 30-minute program, you can use the preview videos below or the video segments found on "The Issue" and "The Stories" pages on this website.

Promotional spots for all the programs in the series and broadcast-quality versions of the videos are available. Contact KET for access to our FTP site. (

Coloring Book Downloads

A coloring book telling the story of Kellie Blair Hardt, a former dropout and now an award-winning special education teacher featured in the Dropping Back In program "Second Chances," is available to download and print.

The coloring book is aimed at a dual audience – young children, obviously, providing them with the inspiring story that will encourage them to stay in school and value their education and their parents, especially those who have dropped out and need the encouragement to obtain their high school credential. The back of the coloring book has space for localized information, or you can use the space to promote


FastForwardFast Forward is KET's new online study course offering preparation for the new GED® test in math, language arts, social studies, and science. Because FastForward is based on national high school standards, the course is also great prep for the other high school equivalency tests, HiSet® and TASC. FastForward features customized, self-paced courses that include interactive animations, videos, step-by-step instructions, and plenty of practice. As an online tool, FastForward not only instructs students in content areas covered on the test, it also provides them with the proficiency they need to take the GED and other equivalency tests via computer.FastForward can be used by independent learners, but it has many features designed to help adult education teachers use it with their students. FastForward comes with tools that help teachers manage and track student progress. A course management system lets you enroll learners in reusable seats, monitor seat time, and generate reports.Some adult education centers use FastForward as a classroom teaching tool; some provide it as a resource for their learners who cannot come to the center on a regular basis. (Read the story about a single mother who studied at home using FastForward with support from her local adult education center: Making A Difference).

Resources to help you promote FastForward in Your Community

Use the artwork at the above link to direct potential learners to your website or physical location.  Print cards and posters to place in strategic areas such as social security/food stamp offices, unemployment offices, mass transit facilities, health departments, emergency rooms, grocery stores, etc.  Place images into social media posts to drive traffic to your website or physical location or to

For more information or assistance, or to customize the print resources, contact KET at

Public Television Stations

Public television stations have an opportunity to actively promote FastForward to potential learners on your website and track the number of enrollments generated from your website through the KET FastForward Partner Station Program. For more information about this program, download the toolkit or contact KET at 859.258.7218.

For more information about community engagement resources, contact:

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